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Change of the Marking of VEGRA UV Coatings - 11-2018

>> PDF Change of Marking of VEGRA UV Coatings


Compatibility of Fountain Solution Additives with Elastomeres -
Swelling Results with Böttcher Roller Coverings for Newspaper Printing

>> PDF Swelling Results with Böttcher Roller Coverings for Newspaper Printing

VEGRA Fountain Solution Alco-Damp RED 3232/900 N - Your Money Maker  
>> PDF - Fount AD RED 3232/900 N  
New Raw Materials for Offset Cleaning Agents approved  
>> PDF - New Raw Materials  
Glue Recommendation for VEGRA Coatings  
>> PDF - Glue Recommendation  
Rising Raw Material Prices - Meeting of the Coating and Printing Ink Manufacturers at MHM in Kirchheim  
Test reports issued by SQTS - Swiss Quality Testing Services confirm that after application on recycling-free GC 1 carton, Bis(2-ethylhexyl)maleat (DEHM) cannot be detected any more in the mentioned VEGRA Dispersion Coatings.  
>> PDF - LIst of Test Reports DC by SQTS, 06-2011  
>> PDF - 9 Test Reports DC by SQTS, 06-2011  
Ecological Measures in the Pressroom  
>> PDF - Ecological Measures in the Pressroom  
Information regarding FOGRA certified Rapid Washes  
>> PDF - Information reg FOGRA certified RW  
Cleaning Instructions for Dampening Systems in Printing Presses and Printing Units  
>> PDF - Cleaning Instructions for Dampening Systems  
VEGRA Information regarding EC Regulation REACH  
>> PDF - REACH Info  
The VEGRA GmbH has been awarded the SONY GREEN PARTNER Certificate for another two years!  

In 2001 Sony introduced the Green Partner Environment Quality Approval Program under which their suppliers are certified according to specific environmental criteria.

Only companies who acquired this certificate are approved as suppliers for Sony.

The recertification audit at the VEGRA plant including check of the management systems regarding quality and the environment showed that the company fully complied with the Sony standards.

>> PDF SONY Certificate of Green Partner 2010 - 2011  
Comment on the VOC Directive  
>> PDF of the paper  

VOC-Free Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate GREEN 220 400 Zi, with corrosion inhibitor


Comparing Examination of an Acid Gumming Solution and VEGRA Gumming

Solution Neutral 2091 with Regard to their Corrosion Behaviour against Nickel

>> PDF - Comparing Examination  
"Cleaning, Wetting, Gluing" - article in the magazine "Druckspiegel" issue 14/2005  
>> PDF - Translation of the Article  
VEGRA Products are free of ITX (Isopropyl Thioxanthone)  
>> PDF - Confirmation  
VEGRA and the Environment - "Take it easy" with EASY-CLEANER (Article in "PRINT & PUBLISHING " )  
>> PDF - Translation of the Article  

World Novelty – “IFRA First” 2005 Leipzig. Environmentally friendly and VOC-free cleaning


The Cleaning Container 22 is the result of the joint-project activity between the companies Wetec, VEGRA and EASYLAC with the purpose of environmentally friendly cleaning of press components. The cleaning agent used, VOC-free Pressroom Cleaner 220 400, is free of emissions even at performance temperatures between 60 and 80°C. Immediately after use it is filtered via the filtration system EASY-CLEANER Compact B-01 integrated into the Cleaning Container.

The ceramic filters of the EASY-CLEANER are cleaned automatically and guarantee an output between 95 and 98 %.


Presentation for the VEGRA series of lectures about "High Speed Inline Coating for Sheet Fed Printing Presses"

>> Download Presentation
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