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1.Optimised Corrosion Inhibition in Fountain Solutions
  In our fountain solution product range we offer certified fountain solutions for each
market segment (coldset, heatset, sheet-fed) which are in correspondence with
the regulations - valid since 01 January 2000 - of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen,
MAN Roland and Koenig & Bauer.
2. Alcohol-Free-Printing
  By developing special fountain solutions (Alco Damps) for printing with reduced alcohol, we have come closer to our target of IPA-free printing. Especially in the field of heatset printing, we have several customers who are able to print without alcohol all their different jobs irrespective of the printing press in use. Our subsidiary, EASYLAC, offers a complete solution for a step-by-step reduction of IPA. The system comprises an IPA-measuring device, modern roller coatings, a cooling system as well as an electro-chemical fountain solution conversion.
"Measures for the elimination of the isopropanol content in lithographic dampening systems by using optimised fountain solution technology in interaction with newly developed dampening roller coatings"
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