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Oil Print Coating 3305 (gloss)

Glossy oil print coating with good rub resistance;
no accumulation during wet-on-wet coating;
stabilized gel structure guarantees a better water balance.

Glossy oil print coating for coating of cardboards and paper.
It can be used for wet-on-wet coating or as overprint coating on dry prints.

Application Mode:
Via inking system on sheet fed printing machines.

Amount Required:
~1 g/m² for printing machines

Viscosity Supplied:
10 - 100 Pas

Piling Properties:
Good piling properties, low aftertacking

Drying Methods:
Oxidized drying, becoming non-tacky very quickly

Specific Weight:
1.0 kg/l

Special Precautions:
Protect from frost and temperatures above 35°C (sunlight, radiator etc.)!

Carton with 4 buckets of 2.5 kg
Buckets of 10 kg
Drums of 175 kg

The specifications given in this brochure are based on laboratory tests and practical experience. All specifications are to the best of our knowledge and reflect the latest state of the art, however, this does not imply any liability.

05 November 2020 - kf/lh

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