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VOC-Free* Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate 220 400 Zi

-with corrosion inhibitor for steel, special steel, nickel, brass, bronze and aluminium
-Approval by KBA and BALDWIN for Sheet Fed Offset, by WIFAG and Westland Gummiwerke and by Böttcher (inking roller material 179 25 and various dampening roller materials)

The product is delivered as concentrate and can be diluted with water before use to the desired application concentration. Dilution is possible with up to 3 parts of water. The concentrate - and consequently also the dilution - do not contain any VOCs and remove easily oily and fatty deposits from all kinds of surfaces. The product also removes caked on glue residues and finger prints etc.

Please note:
For diluting of VOC-Free Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate 220 400 Zi demineralised water (reverse osmosis water or distilled water) has to be used.

In the graphics industry the concentrate can be used for all cleaning purposes, provided that it is diluted properly. This is valid for sheet fed, web offset heatset, coldset, rotogravure and flexo printing as well as for all coating applications (dispersion and UV coating) and hybrid technique. In concentrated form, this cleaner is very well able to remove caked on glue residues from rubber cylinders, gluing machines for folding boxes etc.

VOC-Free* Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate 220 400 Zi contains no fluorine chlorinated hydrocarbons (FCHC) nor chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) nor aromatic or aliphatic hydrocarbon mixtures nor APEO containing emulsifiers. This product is absolutely ecologically harmless and free of VOCs. Working pH value: approx. 11

VOC-Free* Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate 220 400 Zi can be delivered with screw-on pump spray. We recommend to use the cleaner together with EASY-SCRUBBER. That way you can reduce the cleaner consumption and rise the economic efficiency. For further information regarding EASY-SCRUBBER please see www.easylac.de.

Safety Indications:
VOC-Free* Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate 220 400 Zi is not combustible. When working with VOC-Free* Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate 220 400 Zi please wear protective gloves (material: nitrile rubber - NBR). In addition, we recommend to use Special Hand Protection Foam EASY-HAND® (see www.vegra.de under "Products" - "Others").

Carton with 12 bottles of 1 kg, Cans of 25 kg, Drums of 220 kg, Container of 650 kg or 1000 kg

*): VOC=volatile organic compound

The specifications given in this brochure are based on laboratory tests and practical experience. All specifications are to the best of our knowledge and reflect the latest state of the art, however, this does not imply any liability.

05 February 2018 - cw/lh

Additional Product Information:
EASY-HANDŽ Special Hand Protection Foam, EASY-Scrubber white

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Test Cleaning with EASY-CLEANER C-202 - BEFORE
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Test Cleaning with EASY-CLEANER C-202 - AFTER
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Approval KBA+BALDWIN Sheet Fed -Page 1-
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Approval KBA+BALDWIN Sheet Fed -Page 2-
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FOGRA Certificate KBA
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Approval BALDWIN for Sheet Fed
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Approval by WIFAG
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Approval by Westland Gummiwerke
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