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Antimicrobial Protective Dispersion Coating VP 202/*

Use: Special gloss dispersion coating with antimicrobial equipment, quickly drying, high temperature resistance and good rub resistance.

Antimicrobial Effect: The germ-killing effect of a surface coating with the Antimicrobial Protective Dispersion Coating VP 202 was tested successfully by an external laboratory on several species (bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoans, virus).
The test specimen on which the Antimicrobial Protective Dispersion Coating VP 202 had been applied, were able to inactivate, inhibit or completely kill the bioactive growth on test cultures, in some cases even with a "corona forming" exceeding the rim of the test specimen.
This broadband effect is active 24/7 and does not require additional activators like e.g. light.
Thus, the Antimicrobial Protective Dispersion Coating VP 202 complements the currently required safety measures as well as the operational hygiene on all surfaces of working places, covers and packagings. It offers more permanent protection than the spays which have only a short-time effect.

Application: Coating devices and dampening units on sheet fed printing machines, separate coating devices, roller coaters.

Amount Required: 2 to 5 g/m² for printing presses; 4 to 8 g/m² for roller coaters

Viscosity Supplied: *30 to 60 seconds in a 4 mm DIN cup at 20°C.

Processing Conditions:
Heat Seal Resistance against: Polyvinyl chloride PVC and Polypropylene PP
Not suitable for foil lamination and hot foil stamping.

Specific Weight: Approx. 1.02 kg/l

Solid Content: Approx. 41 %

Special Precautions:
Stir before use!
Protect from frost and temperatures above 35°C (sunlight, radiator etc.)!

Clean machines and equipment with water. Caked-on residue can be removed using VEGRA Cleanser for Dispersion Coatings 19 00 13 or VOC-Free Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate 220 400 Zi. We would recommend to use printing inks which are resistant against solvents, alkali and alcohol according to ISO 2836 (formerly DIN 16524).

Cans of 10 kg and 25 kg
Drums of 125 kg and 220 kg
Containers of 650 kg and 1050 kg

The specifications given in this brochure are based on laboratory tests and practical experience. Specifications on the percentage of solid bodies and to the specific weight refer to a viscosity of 60 seconds (4 mm DIN cup/20°C). All specifications are to the best of our knowledge and reflect the latest state of the art, however, this does not imply any liability.

22 April 2020 - CH.W.

Further indications / details on request!

Additional Product Information:
Cleanser for Dispersion Coatings 19 00 13, VOC-Free* Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate 220 400 Zi

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