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Rapid Wash E 927-60

quickly separating cleaning agent for automatic blanket washer systems with filtration unit by TECHNOTRANS, UNISALES or BETZ

- with FOGRA Test Certificates for Heidelberg and MAN Roland sheet fed printing machines
- in accordance with the quality standards of the BG ETEM Trade Initative for Cleaning Agents (BG ETEM: German Accident Prevention & Insurance Association for the Energy, Textile, Electronics and Media Industries)
- recommended by TECHNOTRANS

Flash point, DIN 51758/ASTM D 93 (°C): 65

-quickly separating in water, oil and dirt phases
-suitable for rubber blankets, ink rollers and ink ducts
-corrosion inhibited
-based on aliphatic oils and mineral oils
-does not attack CTP-plates
-also suitable for washing by hand
-free of glycol and glycol ethers
-free of chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic compounds

Please observe operator´s manual by the manufacturer of the system.

Specific characteristics:
The product has a very high cleaning power and does not cause embossing or shrinking of the rubber blankets and rollers.

Classification according to VbF (German regulation on flammable liquids): Hazard class A III (for details see Safety Data Sheet)

VEGRA recycling technique or combustion as special solid waste.

PE Cans of 10 and 25 l
Drums of 120 and 210 l
Containers of 630 and 1000 l
or delivered in a lorry

The specifications given in this brochure are based on laboratory tests and practical experience. All specifications are to the best of our knowledge and reflect the latest state of the art, however, this does not imply any liability.

Please take note of the VEGRA Recycling Concept for Rapid Wash.

20 May 2010 - cw/lh

Additional Information:
The VEGRA Recycling Concept for Rapid Wash

Download as PDF >>
Request for Safety Data Sheet >>

FOGRA Test Certificate for Heidelberg
( Download as PDF >>)

Approval for TECHNOTRANS Filtration Units
( Download as PDF >>)

FOGRA Test Certificate MAN Roland
( Download as PDF >>)

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