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Water Test Kit

The VEGRA-Test Kit has been developed with the aim to offer the printer a compact and reasonable product dealing with a complex of problems as there is

-quality test of plant-, RO- and softened water
-evaluation of the fountain solution in the printing machine
-determination of the alcohol concentration within the fountain solution
-test of pH-value in the fountain solution circulation

It offers him the preconditions for a printing process without any difficulties.

Even progressive printing machines contain only a part of the analysis equipment which is necessary for the evaluation of the fountain solution. Other important analytical results can be obtained quickly and without any problems with the help of the equipment included in the VEGRA-Test Kit.

Therefore, the VEGRA-Test Kit means a valuable aid for the printer to maintain the printing quality and to minimize the time of standstill of the machines resp the amount of waste copies.

Directions for use:
Examination of the quality and the quality steadiness of the water used for the printing process
Method of analysis: testing of total and carbonate hardness

Examination of the quality of the fountain soulution

Production of hand-mixed fountain solutions in order to

-determine the alcohol concentration in fountain solutions
-examine the functioning of the alcohol dosing units
-test and evaluate the measured pH-values in the fountain solution circulation

Equipment required from the VEGRA-Test Kit: measuring cup, measuring cylinder, 5 ml-plastic injection, areometer resp pH-value special indicator paper.

Water Analysis Kit Please click on the product name - for getting pictures of the water analysis kit!

List of contents:
Test solution resp test paper:

1 total hardness test, Merck 11104, including analysis instruction (in 4 languages)
1 carbonate hardness test, Merck 11103, including analysis instruction (in 4 languages)
1 special indicator paper pH 4.0 - 7.0, Merck, with colour chart

Measuring device:

1 areometer with thermometer, 0 - 30 Vol % isopropanol, in plastic case, including analysis instruction for IPA concentration
1 measuring cylinder, 100 ml, glass
1 plastic injection, 5 ml
1 VEGRA-measuring cup small, 250 ml
2 exchange plastic cups for hardness tests

15 September 2011 - lh

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